The ATS Team has worked with American Ninja Warrior for seasons 4, 5, 6, and 7 producing the hardest obstacle course in the world. Working alongside with the executives of ANW, ATS was responsible for conceptualizing the challenges, creating the course, and then running the course as it traveled around the country before eventually landing in Las Vegas for the finale. Taking on these challenges, ATS and ANW have been able to see this show rise to national prominence with over 6 million weekly viewers and overcome the difficulties that are faced with creating a stunt obstacle course that is in the sweet spot of difficult yet achievable, safe yet adventurous, and grandiose yet mobile.



Season 6 of American Ninja Warrior brought highlights and high viewer ratings. With consistent ratings upwards of 6 million viewers and taking the number one spot of all major networks throughout the summer of 2014, American Ninja Warrior continued on it's path to prime time growth. The excerpt above is one of the many viral sensations, Kacy Catanzaro who was the first woman to complete a qualifying course. As is the same with the previous seasons, we provided conceptualization, development, and production for each obstacle course and were the points on safety and all logistics of the obstacle production which traveled from city to city.


The ATS Team was brought back into the production of American Ninja Warrior Season 5. Spanning from Venice, to Denver, to Miami, to Baltimore, and finishing in Las Vegas, we were challenged yet again to create a structure that traveled around the country and was difficult enough for the best parkour athletes and previous ninjas to compete in. This video shows some of the building and responsibilities that The ATS Team took on.




The ATS Team designed and created the entire challenge obstacle course including the Las Vegas finale course which covered over an acre. Over the last two seasons, we have traveled to five cities covering six regions with our armada of six semi-trucks packed full. Our core team of eight unpacked all the trucks and built the course in just a few days at each location – overcoming some incredible challenges in the process. In addition to doing all the rigging, we provided the construction of the actual challenges, the testing and timing of the course with our stunt team, all the SPFX, the set medic and general contestant safety, and handled keeping the course up and running through thousands of contestants.


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