Hold on for dear life! Similar to the stunt and rigging seen in The Bachelor Pad: Hearts Episode, the producers of Big Brother asked our crew to create a structure that would slowly, but surely, buck off each contestant. What separates this challenge from others? A whole lot of crap.... literally. As the challenge progressed, the production recreated some of the wonders of  nature including rain and bird droppings. Unexpectedly, the contestants were hit smack in the face with faux bird poop as a means to finish the job.



A mixture of set shop design and truss construction made for our work in Hook Line and Sinker for Big Brother. The concept? Take the contestants, put them on a giant fish hook, dip them in water, and repeat. And that's what we achieved. Leaving the contestants, wet, cold, and wanting to quit, we saw amazing on air drama and created the atmosphere that Big Brother is well known for.


Everyone loves a good ole' game of American Baseball. That is unless you are the cast of Big Brother. In this episode of Season 15, The ATS Team was tasked with creating a challenge that combined having each contestant stretch their stability, while hurling baseballs at them. In addition, we used a high pressure water system to blast each contestant off their individual platforms. Lastly, why not make the platform move? The result allowed for a great finish and television.




We learned how to really frustrate the contestants of Big Brother with Time Flies. Giving them a complicated puzzle to figure out that is magnetized to drop all of the pieces every twenty seconds. In order to keep their puzzle in place, all they needed to do was hit a red button to give them another twenty seconds to work. The catch? We made them fly 30' each way across a gap to hit that button. The results were awesome to say the least. Using a combination of electromagnets and proprietary software, the game ran itself as soon the clock started. As much as possible we setup our systems to run without our input to make stunts and challenges as fair and safe as possible.


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