American Ninja Warrior: USA vs Japan!

By in American Ninja Warrior on September 18, 2013

The 5th season of NBC’s wildly popular American Ninja Warrior has concluded. ATS Filmworks is extremely proud of the work we did this year on the show and we look forward to building even bigger and better obstacle courses next year.

We have shared with you news of the ratings over the last couple of months of the show: they have been very good across all ratings categories, several times reaching #1 in the valuable 18-49 demographic. For most of the summer, American Ninja Warrior was the top non-sports programming on NBC.

Are you already going through Ninja Warrior withdrawal? If so, USA Today shares a bit of great news: the season may be over, but a very intriguing special will be airing later this year: USA vs Japan!

Five American contestants took on five athletes from Japan – including the two-time champion of the original Ninja Warrior, Yuji Urushihara – in one-on-one competitions on the Las Vegas course used in the finale. The special episodes will air later this year.

The original Japanese athletes competing against their counterparts from the new, hit American version of the show? There is no other word for that than “awesome.”

The dates and times are not official yet, but we promise to let you know when we get the word – we are just as excited about it as you are.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the ATS Filmworks Clients page to see photographs and film clips of our work on American Ninja Warrior over the last two seasons.

15 thoughts on “American Ninja Warrior: USA vs Japan!

  1. 1

    when this year

    • 2

      Hi Max. I have not heard anything further. The reports were for “Fall 2013″ – and I guess that only leaves 5 more weeks. We promise to share the news when we find out more.

  2. 3

    it would be great if we could provide an email address and be notified when the decision is made when America vs. Japan is airing…

  3. 4

    Daniel we will be happy to email you at the address you just provided when we have more information.

  4. 5

    when is it happening?

    • 6

      Hi Bobbie. We wish we knew. As you can see, we get asked that question a lot – to say nothing of the emails we get. All we can promise is that as soon as we know we will post an update.

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  6. 7

    I hope they didn’t lie. Because I am waiting for this since they starting announcing it. For me I think this is going to be a great batle. I think it will air middle of December because the first season of American Ninja Warrior aired in December. After this they should do a celebrity version of the show. Tell me in the coments what 5 celebritys will doit. My 5 celebrity are Gabby Douglass, Michael Phelps, Taylor Launter, Channing Tatum, and Lebron James

  7. 8

    Hi Christopher. Did you see our post yesterday? It looks like it will be on January 13.

    As for “Celebrity” Ninja Warrior, great idea. I will echo your LeBron James, that was a great pick. And then I will add Matt Damon (but only if he does it as Jason Bourne), Matthew McConaughey (you know he would say yes as soon as he learns he doesn’t have to wear a shirt), Chuck Norris and Tim Tebow.

  8. 9

    Justin McDaniel good pick. Next year the Mt. Midoriyama round should be live. And also which 3 host should be hosting Celebrity Ninja Warrior. My 3 picks are Ryan Seacrest, Carson Daly, and Jenny McCarthy.

  9. 10

    what is the 5 japanese team and when those this event start

  10. 11

    Pablo, we don’t know who the Japanese competitors are, but the event is all set for January 13!

  11. 12

    Hey Justin McDaniel who think who is going to win American or Japan

  12. 13

    I expect Japan to win.

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