Over the last eight seasons we have produced over a dozen high angle never-before-seen stunt challenges for The Amazing Race. After initial pitch meetings with the executives at World Race Productions, The ATS Team is always able to achieve success from concept to implementation.


We love partnering with The Amazing Race to create some unbelievable stunts. Season 23, episode 4 was no exception with a giant King Swing over the waters of Norway.


For the heart-stopping season finale in Hawaii we pitched an angled ascent up a 400 foot tall building. With no fall protection present at the top we had to build our own as we created the receiving structure. In order for contestants to clear the building we had to cantilever the front wall of our rig 20 degrees out over the building. Once contestants reached the top and spotted the next clue, we hooked them up for a Aussie-style descent straight down the side. For five days of rigging, shooting, and striking we had a blast creating this unique spectacle.


The result? A high angle ascent that allowed the contestants to ascend the entire scale of the building using only their upper body strength aided by a counterweight. Once at the top, we provided the stunt rigging and gear for the contestants to head back down the 400' building face first. This created on air excitement and adventure in a completely controlled and safe environment.





For this season of The Amazing Race, producers asked us to setup an ascension of  Coit Tower in San Francisco. Due to its historical nature (it's on the National Register), we had to take great care not to cause any damage to this structure including footprints against the tower. As such, we built out from the top with truss and used the entire building as an anchor utilizing soft links and lots of padding throughout. The job was seamless and we didn’t even leave a scratch (or footprint).


The Big Apple has hosted some of the most spectacular and death defying acts on the earth. Harry Houdini and many other magicians rose to fame in this city. This challenge was a reflection of the great magic that has come.


The contestants were hoisted over 100' in the air upside down in a straight jacket. Once lifted to the top, they were required to unstrap themselves only to be released into a surprise bungee jump fall. The result was a stunt that was unexpected by  the contestants and the ride of a lifetime.


There are many variables that we had to take into consideration to effectively and safely complete this stunt. Assessing the risk of the contestant being hung upside down for an extended period of time while performing had to be evaluated. We also were in a unique position in which we were not directly next to the contestant. Lastly, the timing of the drop was completely in the producers hands. These variables appeared to be in control of the contestant on screen, yet remained always in the trained hands of the ATS team.





Take one of the most renowned cities in the World, add one of the most popular reality shows on television, and then throw in the ingenuity of The ATS Team.


The result is a tight rope walk between two sky scrapers with over 35 stories of air separating each contestant from the ground. With jaw dropping views in the background this was a tight rope to be remembered.



The Amazing Race travels all around the globe to provide some of the most daring challenge stunts on television. For the opening of season 21 however, they chose the Colorado Street River right in the network's backyard of Pasadena. This iconic bridge has served as an architectural focal point for the basin of the valley for years, and we thought of no better place to create a truss structure that sent all 22 contestants lowering themselves over 100' down to the ground simultaneously. Relying on our canyoneering and rockclimbing techniques which we have developed over the past decade, we were able to create a completely safe environment for the contestant yet infer the element of danger to the home audience.




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