"Let's make a couple fall down the side of a Los Angeles Sky Rise and let them feel like they are falling to their death even though we have full control. And then, let's call it a date." This is the idea behind the stunt in the Bachelor's 17th Season.  We achieved the concept successfully. What felt like an eternity of time for the contestants, was only a few seconds of utter terror.


What is not shown on camera is the rigorous testing that was endured to ensure the safety of this stunt. We also built the rig to run at full capacity (free fall speed) and in increments controlled to the liking of the producer. During testing, we were able to dial in the exact speed that the producers of The Bachelor wanted to ensure the result that was most desirable for their film crew and post production.



Set in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the producers of The Bachelor asked for their contestants to walk between two iconic towers hand in hand and then stop to kiss in the middle. We're not ones to pass up the opportunity for a high angle adventure so with a combination of long ropes and some ferry pulleys we setup a very memorable date.


The Westin Bonaventure has been the setting for hundreds of films, television shows, and commercials. The producers of the Bachelorette wanted to add their own memorable scene with an adventure date at this amazing location. After taking one of the external elevators to the top, the couple set in seats and were lowered out over the edge of the building. At one point the couple were 150 off the edge of the building and 150 in the air. What's a date without a memorable first kiss? Per request both participants were lowered directly into a swimming pool.


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