The Biggest Loser has developed a culture of losing weight, changing habits, and becoming a more fit person both physically and mentally. The ATS Team is proud to be a part of this groundbreaking show. From crossing canyons, to pulling weights across a football field, to 6 miles of rope laid out over pools, The ATS Team has helped in conceptualizing challenges and offering our production services to the show for the last 12 seasons. Developing safe high angle challenges for overweight persons has led us to develop new equipment for the entire industry.


A simple request to have contestants face their fear of heights led to a 60 foot high speed fall off a parking garage.  Not only were we dealing with a complicated counterweight system and the safety of the contestants, but we needed to create a releasable diving board that stuck around ten feet out into space. Similar to the work that was created with Focus Rally America,  we created an edge of the world feel for contestants.




While many of the challenges and stunts that The ATS Team creates deal with challenge and stunt rigging, our work with The Biggest Loser for the "Cut The Junk," episode dealt with our set shop design. Creating a giant gumball machine that held weighted medicine balls was no easy task. And for the contestant, after grabbing each medicine ball, they were then asked to run back through a thick pinkish paste that made each step feel like dredging through the thickest mud.


What seemed like an easy challenge in the beginning quickly turned into one of the most difficult tasks that the contestants were faced with. We were proud to incorporate our set shop design work and let this side of The ATS Team come to life.


Contestants on the Biggest Loser had to cross a canyon over 800 feet across and 100 feet off the ground. While they pulled themselves over the canyon they were faced with giant images of what shape their bodies used to be. The structure to accommodate this ended up being one of our most iconic shots and demonstrates the variety of structures and rope rigging that The ATS Team can create. The hardest part was the rigging – we had sustained wind gusts of 50 mph throughout the two days. But, the end challenge was worth every piece of grit in our teeth!


Producers of The Biggest Loser wanted a challenge where contestants had to run the entire length of a football field while pulling a rope that raised a barrel of changing weight up and down. In order to translate directly, we would have had to build  a structure 300 feet high in order for them to go the whole distance. Using a creative 7.5:1 haul system and some self-erecting towers, we were able to accomplish the feat. All in all it was a seamless challenge.




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